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Category: RolePlay
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Courage against the Taliban seemed to be their erotic calling card. They were also clearly interested in talking about sex. He then talked about prostitutes, mentioning a Chinese restaurant that fronts for a brothel, clueing me in to the open secret that Kabul is rampant with prostitution, tailored to the needs of foreign workers. This man was 20, married with children. I asked him how in a traditionally Islamic country he knew such things.
The clitoris was the most sensitive to vibration out of all the body parts. Overall, the researchers found that the genitals are more sensitive to pressure and vibration compared to light touch, which they found "interesting" because people enjoy sex and sex toys. In all seriousness, the researchers say that understanding these sensitivities is useful knowledge for breast augmentation and gender reassignment surgery. But if you want this information for other reasons, by all means bookmark this page.