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Marcus makes Stanley an unusual offer A wealthy dom experiments with mind control in this hot new story from new author BoundmanBlue! Marcus begins to exert his control over both Stanley and Tony. The Superboy Destroyer adds another superboy clone slave to his collection; this time an arrogant jock with grudge against the super hero. The arrogant jocks falls completely under Dr Cardoso's control. Dr Cardoso recruits his final superboy clone to complete his collection

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Remember me. This story is fantasy, but some of the events are from my real life including becoming gay by listening to CFG. This is my first story ever so I hope you enjoy. For the first 35 years of my life I was a hetero sexual male. Eat, drink, and breath women. Lost my virginity at 15 to an 19 year old and since them having sex with women was never really an issue.

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Jilnar reached her beautifully manicured hand down to the dashboard and extended a finger with a long red-painted nail to turn on the air-conditioner. I have a mind control gift. At least, I think it's a gift.