Man sex monkey

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Male Japanese macaques were first filmed earlier this year mounting female sika deer in Minoo, Japan. However, scientists have su g ges ted the unusual beha viour may well be sexual after adolescent female monkeys and sika stags were also observed copulati ng. Publishing their findings in the Archives of Sexual Behavriour journal, researchers hypothesised that there could be several different reasons why the animals are taking part in inter-species sex. They suggested young female monkeys may be using the interactions as practice for eventual mating with male macaques. The Minoo macaques and deer are not the only animals known to look for sex outside their own species.

Yes, monkeys are having sex with deer. Why would they do that?

Wild monkey filmed mounting deer and trying to have sex with it | New Scientist

Mating behavior in Macaca arctoides has several features unique to the macaques. This pattern behaviorally accentuates some of the physiological aspects of coitus. Consequently, they can be more easily observed than in any of the other macaques. Homosexual encounters were numerous. They always involved sexual inversions that is, the assumption of the coital role generally assumed by the opposite sex.

Sex between monkey and deer may be a new 'behavioural tradition', scientists say

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By Andy Coghlan. Oh deer! A male Japanese macaque monkey has been caught in the act of trying to mate with two Sika deer by leaping on their backs, rodeo-style. But when he tried it with a second deer, she did her best to shake him off. In the s, forest rangers reported orphan elephants attempting to mate with rhinos , and in footage was taken of a chimpanzee attempting to mate with a frog.