Guys locker room stories

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Boys talk. We all have a memory of when we realised this, regardless of our age or gender. For a certain generation of Indians, the incident is a reminder of the MMS scandal , which also involved Delhi teens from an elite school and made the country reckon with the fact that teenagers think about — and have — sex , often with nothing but a misogynistic body of cultural products as their guide. I was just 10 years old in , so that incident has always been recycled knowledge of the things boys, even the ones we love, can do. In this BoisLockerRoom, teens discussed how easy it would be to rape one of the girls they knew.

Any guy locker room stories? Something funny.?

Why Most Women Have A 'Boys Locker Room' Story | HuffPost India Life

We all got in the showers to shower it is 1 massive shower with 10 shower heads , and some freshmen we are seniors got in too. I happened to turn around to rinse off my back and the one of the freshman saw how big i was compared to him, soft, not hard. One of my friends who is also pretty big goes to the shower head right next to the 9th grader and just stands there facing him. The 9th grader quickly finished up and left really fast.

30 guys share the craziest things that happened in the boys' locker room. Hold on to your balls.

Holler if these experiences sound familiar. Unwanted sights. You are a legend, sir.
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