Easy sex spells

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For the month of April I had opened up to some of my followers and asked what type of spells do they use and need on a daily bases or just in general - each blog post except for holidays or days of importance I will be posts a different spell every day. Todays Spell. The Love spell. Cast this easy love spell to make a man or woman think about you and miss you. They will come back! Dragon Love Spell doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love, but any "perfect love" that you focus your intent on.

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Regular Person Casts Love Spells - Three Love Spells That Might Work

Whether you are looking for a simple love charm to beguile the object of your affections, or a potion to increase the length and intensity of your orgasm, this book will guide you through the most effective sex spells and how to use them responsibly. This handsome hardback book, crammed full of easy-to-follow spells, shows you how to harness the extraordinary powers of herbs, potions, rituals, and amulets to reach new levels of sexual ecstasy. It is no surprise that sex and magic have become entwined, as people have been trying to improve their love lives by magical means for as long as the erotic arts have existed. Even in our modern-day society, more and more people are discovering how to harness mystical forces to enhance their sex lives.

6 Powerful Sex Spells That Actually Work [Lust Magick]

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When I told my mom I was casting love spells for my job, she said, "Those things don't work. Watch out, men of New York. More specifically, non-assholes of New York. More specifically, non-assholes of New York who like cats and cheese.