Devil may cry sexy

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Profile Navigation NekoDBaby Sexy Dante-Devil May Cry. Really Good Drawings. Awesome Cosplay. Art For Me. Awesome Comics.

'Devil May Cry 5' Is Sexy, Chaotic, and Deliciously Overwhelming

Pin on Sexy, me thinks.

I leap from the sky, crashing into yet another room that looks suspiciously built for people to fight in, waiting for the next slate of victims to spawn from the netherrealm. One, two, three—no, four drooling husks appear. What happens next can go a million different ways. Or a shotgun? Hell to the yeah. In other words, Devil May Cry 5 kicks ass. After spending more than 30 hours slashing my way through the zippy Kingdom Hearts III, Nero felt slow, lumbering…boring?

Smokin’ Sexy Stylish Behind The Scenes Peek At Devil May Cry 5 Filming

Devil May Cry 5 has been going down a storm but according to a report by VG , some players have noticed a small inconsistency when it comes to nudity on the Western PS4 release. If you or your workplace are offended by a DMC5 spoilers or b mentions of digital posteriors, turn back now. DMC5 features boss enemies that quite literally possess classic characters from the series' past. After one such enemy gets pummelled by Dante, fan favourite Trish falls out of it bloodied and naked.
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