Cap d agde swingers

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Rond-Point du Bagnas Agde, France. Access to the village is limited by a high wall, so you have to buy admission to the village to enter. Therefore, you have to be very clear about what you are going into, as you have to be able to tolerate nudity and accommodate everything from families, couples as well as old and young singles. It is definitely a festive city that never sleeps. However, it should be emphasized that having sex in public is not allowed — you have to do it in the facilities found around the city.

Cap d’Agde Swingers Information

Cap d'Agde - The place to party

Last Updated on March 4, These days the resort has developed into a resort village which attracts every range of holiday maker who is adult and looking for a fun and for a memorable experience. One group who have started to use the resort more more in the last ten years are the swingers. Some places to stay in the naturist resort are certainly better than others if you are planning a trip to the village as a swinger. The camp site for example if more family orientated and more traditional in the sense that it tends to be where true naturists still prefer to base themselves. The camp site by the way is its own gated area within the resort.

Overview of Cap d’Agde

It is a meeting place for swingers from both France and abroad. Swingers have a taste for naturism and freedom. Some people define swinging more as a way of life while others think it is a mindset or a philosophy. What is for sure is that liberal people hold multiple meetings, exchanges, and hardly tire from these experiences.
Cap d'Agde Z. France Cap d'Agde is een wereld apart. Het is een dorp aan zee vlak naast de stad Agde. Het is van oorsprong een naturistisch dorp wat is uitgegroeit tot een zomers ressort voor naturisten, nudisten, swingers en sex liefhebbers.