Sore labia after sex

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Not the kind of burning love you had in mind. So you're enjoying the afterglow of a satisfying sex session when you realize your vagina feels sore and tender. The discomfort lasts at least a few hours or even into the next day. You know the action felt good in the moment, and your partner didn't do anything unusual. So what's going on? You're not the only one feeling the burn after booty.

Pain After Intercourse – Why Does It Sting After Sex and How Do You Avoid It?

Sore Vagina After Sex: 9 Common Causes and Remedies

June 09, Tara Langdale. For the most part, vaginal pain is normal and goes away in a few days. In other circumstances, the sore vagina may come from a severe medical condition. The treatment for vaginal irritation depends on the cause. In this article, we'll explore the reasons, and then offer three natural remedies for easing the soreness and tightness from an inflamed vagina. Slippery Stuff is an ultra-slick, water-based lubricant recommended by physicians that add a vaginal moisturizer to your sex life. Your vagina is a long muscle made up of different parts, including the vulva and pelvic floor.

Why does sex hurt?

Melissa Kang does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. I only recently have gotten a boyfriend and have started having regular sex. After 2 or more days, it starts to get a bit sore down there. Is that normal? Hi, and thanks for your question!
When it comes to bodily pains, having a sore vagina ranks right up there with having your wisdom teeth pulled. So if an intense romp has you waddling let's be real, that's the accurate and extremely unsexy way to describe it , you should probably have a conversation with your partner or your gynecologist or both, TBH. That said, sometimes sex does hurt and it results in an uncomfortably sore vagina.