Shane and cherie pool

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It is impossible not to remember that scene in the pool with this song in the background. Few are the people who are lucky enough to understand. External image. She noticed everyone around there was so many faces, she saw Shane and Carmen then Coraline, Frankie and Cat. But no Jenny in sight.

The 10 Steamiest and Most Sensual Sex Scenes in ‘The L Word’

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The third season of The L Word originally aired on Showtime from January 8, to March 26, and aired 12 episodes. The season begins six months after the birth of Tina and Bette's daughter, Angelica. New characters in this season include Moira Sweeney a working class butch portrayed by Daniela Sea who is Jenny's girlfriend for most of the season and Angus Partridge portrayed by Dallas Roberts , Angelica's male nanny who later becomes Kit's lover. Erin Daniels' character, Dana Fairbanks, starts in a multi-episode storyline dealing with a breast cancer battle and culminating with her death.

Shane McCutcheon

Which are the best L Word sex scenes? How We Ranked Them: I assembled a database of every L Word sex scene that involved queer characters in the main cast, and then invited the Autostraddle TV Team Heather , Kayla , Drew , Natalie and Carmen to assign each scene a score of , as well as offer any commentary they felt compelled to offer. At all!!!!! Tonya is the worst!!! Sucks that it involved her pressuring Lisa into getting a blow job!
Shane was originally billed to Moennig as "sexy" and "androgynous". She has elements of realism because "life imitates art and art imitates life". The actress further explained that she related to certain aspects of Shane's storylines because she had previously experienced them.