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College student Shalom Ifeanyi, 19, has filed a lawsuit accusing her coach and the University of Cincinnati of having unfairly dismissed her from her team. A college volleyball player has accused her coach of unfairly kicking her off the team due to her "seductive" social media posts, even as thinner and lighter-skinned athletes were allowed to share bikini snaps. Shalom Ifeanyi, 19, has filed a lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, coach Molly Alvey, and executive senior associate athletic director Maggie McKinley. She says Alvey began "harassing and shaming" her about her personal social media accounts "almost immediately" after recruiting her "heavily" and prompting her to transfer from her original chosen college, Oregon State University, to attend the University of Cincinnati instead as a student-athlete, according to the Daily Mail.

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40+ Hot volleyball players ideas | volleyball players, volleyball, players

Because almost all of them are ridiculously hot. I mean really hot. Today we are going to tell you about the top five Hottest and Sexiest Female volleyball Players. This very young player.

The 40 Hottest Female Volleyball Players

Have you found yourself flipping channels and stumble upon a beach volleyball match, and all of a sudden, two hours go by? Me either. Beach volleyball was introduced to the Summer Olympics in and is a relatively new sport.
These sexy female volleyball players are in top physical condition and it shows as they compete in little more than bikinis. Be it in preparation for the Olympics or at events around the world, these ladies are easily some of the sexiest female athletes of all time. These skilled, hot volleyball players not only look good jumping around in the sand, but make excellent subjects for hot bikini pictures as they play their game. Many of the sexiest female beach volleyball players in the world are also some of the best in the sport.