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Singapore is also home to many beautiful young female influencers that became famous and are doing advertisement work for big brands and also attending cool events around the year. Singaporean ladies have a poise and coolness in them but they are also some of the most hospitable and fun people to be around. Anyone who has been to Singapore will know that the people there are helpful when you need help on the streets. Singapore is also a beautiful and clean city with many cool things to look at and enjoy the good food and shopping.

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These ten Singaporean women have stolen hearts with their looks and personality, and many men would date them if they could. Witty, charming, and beautiful, they are well known to many as models, artistes, and entertainers in Singapore. We did the same survey asking local women for their most desired male Singaporean celebrities , so check that out if that's more your preference! We asked around and got Singaporean men to tell us the female celebrities they'd date if they could, and we compiled a list from their answers. Why we love her: The Tanglin actress and former Miss Vasantham finalist is a woman after our hearts. Instagram Facebook Twitter. Supremely sassy and a closet ace singer with dangerous curves to boot, anyone would be lucky to rub shoulders with Siti.

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