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If you thought we were done with the Peloton news cycle, you thought wrong. Because of course there is. Porn company and occasional sex-toy-accessory company CamSoda announced its new O-Seat this week, a bike seat with an inside pocket to fit a vibrator that works with Peloton bikes. You simply mount the O-Seat on top of the existing bike seat and ride away. Whole other ball game if you have a home gym, though.

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Men with weak heart muscles reported marked improvements in their sex lives after bicycling three times a week for eight weeks, according to a study led by Dr. The Associated Press reported on the findings. Belardinelli's study focused on how aerobic exercise, frequently prescribed to strengthen the cardiovascular system in heart failure patients, could improve sexual performance. He and his colleagues had 30 men bicycle under careful monitoring at a moderate intensity. Another 29 men did not exercise and served as a comparison group. The bicycling patients' ability to use oxygen rose as a result of the exercise and they had improved blood flow.

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I came across this device while trolling the floor at Computex and I stopped at a stand in the middle of the vast penny booths section because there was a cute bicycle speaker which clips to the handlebars, charges via USB and has two bags underneath to hold your wallet, keys, phone etc. It met all the fundamental Gizmag story criteria — new, better, innovative, genuinely useful given that finding an orifice to put those things in when you're decked out in lycra and impersonating Lance Armstrong is either difficult or uncomfortable , different, facilitating enjoyment Once I'd stopped and started taking pics, they insisted that I also try their new bicycle seat.
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