Real life of a pornstar

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'My girlfriend is a porn star': Man reveals what life is really like - NZ Herald

Does having sex for work take all the fun out of it? Do they ever get embarrassed getting down in front of a room full of cameras and sound and lighting guys? And is the porn industry really as violent and exploitative as we hear? For answers to all of these conundrums and more, I spoke to internationally renowned adult actress, Kiki Vidis about sex on screen. Porn sex is nothing like real sex. So they treat the girl like a princess because they would rather replace the guy in a heartbeat than have to find another girl. So when you sign up with your agency, you pick out the guys you want to work with.

'My girlfriend is a porn star': Man reveals what life is really like

Everyone remembers the first time they encountered porn : Maybe it was a quick, covert Yahoo search that led you to a grainy, pixelated clip that took forever to load. For porn star Kelley Cabbana, it was a copy of Penthouse magazine that lured her in, then some actual porn tapes. Now, after 10 years working in the adult film industry, Cabbana can confirm that those performances are all pretty much a fluffer -filled fantasy. No one is that loud and dramatic. Then you have to clean yourself out the day of the shoot and most of all, prep yourself with lots of lube that the camera almost never shows.
Mike and Allie have been dating for four years. But events planner Mike Adkins, 32, insists he didn't feel nervous the first time he spent the night with girlfriend Allie Haze, 30, who has starred in more than adult films. The couple started dating after they were introduced by a mutual friend four years ago and now live together with their three dogs in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Daily Mail reports. Opening up about his relationship, Mike claimed he doesn't get jealous when Allie has sex with other men - but admitted he was nervous when he had to tell his mother what his girlfriend did for a living. Mike said: "It doesn't bother me that she's with other men as far as work.