Nude in the jungle

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The Keith Chegwin fully fronted programme was broadcast on June 6 to an audience of shocked viewers as its host and contests appeared - as the title suggests - completely starkers although Cheggers did wear a hat. In fact, it topped a Radio Times list of the worst shows ever made. Ever the good sport, Chegwin seemed to take it all in his stride as throughout the years he willingly discussed the show that saw him stripping down to his birthday suit, even after the terrible reception. Read more: Love Island summer series cancelled. The game saw contestants go through a series of money-building rounds before ultimately choosing to 'share' cash with an opponent or 'shaft' them to take the whole prize themselves. Although, it lacked the charm of the famous 'split or steal' format of Jasper Carrott's Golden Balls and the entire thing was rather lacklustre.

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The Naked Ape Man | George of the Jungle | Fandom

The first of these is vanity and the second is soldier ants. Surprisingly, the more productive of interest is vanity. For George Pal's tricked-up climax, in which a vast plague of hymenoptera descends upon the jungle plantation where Mr. Heston reigns, is a straight chunk of horror melodrama, no better and also no worse than any number of previous cataclysms devised by the boys in Special Effects. The ants, in a tidal wave of blackness, swarm over the Technicolored land, devouring the vegetation and picking unwary animals clean.

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Twin sisters spent 21 days in the African jungle naked and surrounded by hyenas and lions with just a machete and bow and arrow to defend themselves. Amber and Serena Shine are thrill seekers originally from New Zealand , but uprooted their lives to film an episode of Naked and Afraid for the Discovery Channel. The year-old duo were initially hesitant to appear naked on television, but agreed to the program because they were desperate for a new adventure.
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