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Kojima often catches flak because people on Twitter are afraid of a woman like Quiet owning her sexuality and even having a backstory to explain her scantily clad attire , but he included a multitude of queer characters throughout the Metal Gear Solid series in several important roles across different installments — not just one. These characters aren't just in the background or portrayed as weird curiosities, either. In this day and age, that's a more comforting thought than ever. Despite the fact that he drinks blood and has a Romanian accent, his codename isn't because of his vampiric qualities.

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Excellent 'Metal Gear Solid' shirt commemorates the series' undeniable homoeroticism

Possible spoilers self. Personally I have always been impressed with Kojima's treatment of LGBT characters, being gay they have never offended me. My favorite game in the series is MGS3 which has some very strong albeit evil gay men. The way that Volgin's bisexuality is shown in MGS3 is so much unlike anything i've ever seen and just so unexpected. Great Success in my opinion. I always thought depicting him as bisexual was kind of a shorthand for saying "this guy is really fucked up".

Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid

From the outside looking in, Metal Gear Solid might look like just another stereotypical straight male power fantasy in video games. Artist androphonos AKA lukas is selling custom-made t-shirts consisting of forums that not only document the undeniable truth that Metal Gear Solid is possibly the most homoerotic video game series ever — but also the opposition to this fact. However, others have tried to meekly argue against these obvious undertones. And now, androphonos has plastered it all over his beautiful t-shirt, emblazoning it across the center and the collar. If the concept of an action-adventure video game containing gay characters makes you uncomfortable, you're probably on the wrong side of history in more ways than one.
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