La familia peluche cast

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Category: Brunette
This Mexican comedy series reflects the experiences of a typical Mexican family - living in a highly improbably world. The P. Luches consist of Federica, the housewife, Ludovico, the henpecked husband, Ludoviquito, the wily eldest son, Junior, the adopted. Skip to main content.

Full Cast & Crew La Familia Peluche: Eugenio Derbez, Miguel Perez, Luis Manuel Avila, v: Movies & TV

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La Familia P. Luche - Cast

Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? Check out our picks for movies that hopefully won't keep you up at night. See the full list. Title: La familia P. Luche —.
La familia P. The series aired from August 7, to September 16, on the channel Canal de las Estrellas. In the series, the characters live in a fictional city called "Ciudad P. Luche" where clothes and other objects are wrapped in plush.