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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Stephen King is brilliant. He really is, despite being a mainstream media darling. His books are held up as some of the finest examples of modern literature, are taught in schools, and have been made into Academy Award-wining movies. Not bad for a talent written off as just a hack horror novelist in the beginning.

This 'It' Sex Scene Got Cut From The Movie & You'll Be So Thankful

What was the purpose for the orgy in IT? : stephenking

When I pitched the idea for this column, I was told it was cool so long as I kept it classy. How could I be NOT classy?! With IT coming to theaters, readers and non-readers alike are becoming aware of a piece missing from the movie. My questions. Which are:. Here are the basics. Spoilers from here forward although you can skip to the final section if you're curious about whether or not you should read IT :.

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In the dark, Bill heard a sound he could not immediately place. A whispery little sound, but not scary. Then there was a more easily place sound… a zipper. He was undressing.
People have been getting very excited about the movie It being released. The flick is a remake of the original miniseries, based on Stephen King's book and tells the story of seven children who are stalked by a predatory, shape-shifting being referred to as It. I reckon this movie sparked everyone's fear of clowns because It usually takes the form of a creepy looking one called Pennywise. Tim Curry played the original; the reboot will see Bill Skarsgard put his own spin on the eponymous being. But there is a segment in the book which I'm hoping gets left out of the movie.