Is masturbation adultery

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He is a pastoral counselor and a popular conference speaker. Joe and his wife Renee reside in Orange County, California, with their two sons. Can my wife divorce me now? Is she right when she says porn use is the same as cheating? Not to duck the question, but let me first point out that sometimes, questions like this can be an evasion. In an attempt to minimize the seriousness of their sin, lots of men compare their wrongdoing to other, more serious ones.

Is masturbation wrong?

Masturbation = Adultery? : Catholicism

I have stopped from doing it for about 3 weeks now but I fell attemped every day. Is this a sin? How can I control it? On the positive side, the Bible has lots to say about the goodness of sex. However sex is for marriage, and works to bind a husband and wife together in a profound way. Sex in marriage is good, but any other sexual activity is a distortion of that goodness. Masturbation can help us find sexual release when we cannot control our desire nor satisfy it through a marital relationship and in this sense it can be helpful.

God's Truth on Your Secret Sexual Sin

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Sin is often the result of lust or wrong selfish desire. This fact forms the primary basis of answering this question. Jesus tells us in Matthew Matthew But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. The Bible specifically forbids adultery, fornication, homosexual sex, incest, bestiality and lust but does not mention masturbation or self-stimulation. Masturbation as part of sexual relations between married partners would not be classified as sin.