Happy hardcore raves

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In the mids the great British rave was fragmenting. In and around the capital, the dance was developing into something darker and more discerning: the breakbeats of UK hardcore were becoming jungle, soon to be UK garage and drum 'n' bass. As if wringing the colour from the bottom of the country like a flannel, the hinterlands north of London ran in the opposite direction. A sound emerged that flew in the face of trends and conventional pleasure, a sound from the outskirts of acceptability: happy hardcore.

I Listened to Happy Hardcore for 48 Hours Straight

Happy hardcore will never die: the life of rave’s most juvenile subculture | Dazed

One aspect of this universe that has yet to be mined is happy hardcore, a kind of loathed slapstick dance music that fuses aggressive tempos with over-the-top euphoria. One person who has been tangentially exploring this trend is San Francisco-based DJ and producer Chrissy previously Chrissy Murderbot whose recent LP Resilience , out in November on Chiwax , evokes the positivity, friendship and perseverance central to rave culture. By loading the content from Soundcloud, you agree to Soundcloud's privacy policy. Learn more. My new album, Resilience , is heavily inspired by those old records, so it feels like a good time to speak up about a very influential but deeply maligned sub-genre from the rave era: happy hardcore. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube's privacy policy.


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Happy hardcore is emotional, euphoric, exhausting. A staple interest of working class kids from suburbs and small towns, happy hardcore was and remains a true subculture, drawing arena-sized crowds for years while remaining toxic to the critical class. Ripped out of context by a new generation, happy hardcore has a kind of illicit sheen to it, offering an untapped seam of confrontational retro cool. As the punisher-stomp of Dutch gabber has returned to serious dancefloors in places like Berlin and Copenhagen, happy hardcore has also been bubbling up in club sets via young crews and DJs like Spinee, who mixes hardcore with trance, breakcore, kooky pop edits, and various experimental club strains. It makes sense that happy hardcore would be coming back in a big way now, says the London DJ, with millennials channelling their own childhood nostalgia into music.