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Porn can be a way to learn about your sexuality and all the other sexualities out there, and if you have fun watching it, power to you. But a problem occurs when we treat mainstream porn as sex education. There are a lot of myths spread by porn , so like movies, TV, and any other form of entertainment, it's important not to interpret what you see on your favorite porn site as reality. You might think this goes without saying, but people watched over four and a half billion hours of mainstream porn in alone, according to Pornhub's data , and it's hard for all those videos not to influence how we behave in real life, especially when we start watching them at a young age.

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When does "faking it" serve us, and when does it hinder us? This week ELLE. At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Rashida Jones, along with sex researcher Debby Herbenick, debuted Hot Girls Wanted , a documentary about young women working in the amateur porn industry. Following the screening, Jones made the following statement about porn to The Wrap: "Because it's performative, women are not feeling joy from it. It's fulfilling a male fantasy. In light of that assessment—and our ongoing deep dive into the reason why women "fake it" in general —we talked to five women who have been working in the porn industry for many years as performers and two who also direct on whether that female money shot is ever real, and about faking orgasms in their personal sex lives:. I want the experience to be real for the viewer.

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As much as porn may be about fantasy, it does feature real people having real sex on camera unless you're watching X-rated anime, of course. Although we don't ask actors in vanilla films if they're "really crying" during a sad scene, somehow porn lovers can't help but ask if porn stars really orgasm on set. To find out what lies beneath those ecstatic oh's and ah's, a new WoodRocket video interviewed various actresses on the subject. Most responded with an overwhelming "YES! The history of the fake female orgasm is long and storied, with plenty of hilarious representations in popular film, from When Harry Met Sally to Bridesmaids.
Ever wondered what life as a pornstar is really like? Tanya: " If you work in a restaurant you still enjoy good food. As a pornstar, I can appreciate both gentle sex and hard, fast, animalistic sex; it depends on the mood. For me, I still enjoy normal, regular sex when I am off camera.