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With four seasons and a television movie throughout its seven-year run, Dexter's Laboratory was a wildly successful staple for many kids of the '90s. Considering the show's fast-paced humor, zany characters, and strange scenarios, it's no wonder that Dexter's Laboratory became so popular among young viewers. However, hidden inside of this seemingly innocent children's program are plenty of inappropriate jokes that are likely to go unnoticed by the show's primary audience. For those looking to find some of the more suggestive jokes you may have missed growing up, here is a list of things that only adults will notice in Dexter's Laboratory. While Dee Dee is known for her spirited, boisterous personality, she is equally known for her destructive antics.

Kat Cressida: Dee Dee

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Game for a Game is the third part of the 35th episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory , which first appeared on April 15, In this episode, Dee Dee proves she can beat Dexter at any game. Dexter resorts to cheating and wins most of them that way. On the final game, Dexter blows his lab to smithereens when he was close to losing. Morning rises, Dee Dee wakes up and sees the sun, and she jumps out of bed and sings a little song about what she's going to do today on a sunny day, when she finished singing and opened the window, the sunny day turned into a rainy day so fast! So she decides that she will go play games with Dexter. Most of these game, that Dexter lost, because Dee Dee can win at any game, any time, anywhere!

Game for a Game

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Streaky Clean is the first part of the first episode in season 3 of Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Dexter invents a satellite to clean the stains off of his clothes, but the satellite malfunctions after colliding with another satellite. Not only does the cleaning ray remove stains, but it also removes the fabric on Dexter's clothing.