Cynthia malcolm in the middle actress

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Cynthia's Back

Who is Cynthia from Malcolm in the Middle?

Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? Check out our picks for movies that hopefully won't keep you up at night. See the full list. Title: Cynthia's Back 17 Feb While Dewey helps his father Hal overcoming a childhood blockade, Malcolm finds out that Krelboyne Girl Cynthia changed while away for a semester in New York and accidentally tells Reese, who comes up with a devious plan to make use of the information. Written by MetaControl. Looking for something to watch?

Cynthia Sanders

Cynthia Sanders , portrayed by Tania Raymond, was a fellow Krelboyne classmate of Malcolm and the only named female Krelboyne. She was Malcolm's first crush when she was introduced, but she quickly became a friend to him. She knows the martial art krav maga and uses it on occasion to subdue Reese when he becomes too annoying to her.
Click to see full answer. People also ask, why did Cynthia leave Malcolm in the Middle? Julie Hooverman: Taken off after just 3 episodesthe reason for this was because she was supposed to be the original year-old Malcolm's crush, but Munez grew up by season 2.