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To add to the lunacy of this presidential race, perhaps one the most ridiculous races in all of history, we are going to throw in an article on hot presidential children. In this case, that would be none other than Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. But they are much more than a piece of, well, you know, in the words of Donald Trump. These are two wildly successful women; while one went on to pursue higher education, the other built her own empire on an already existing one. These women have advocated for a variety of issues, from the burden of student loans to the opioid epidemic to paid maternity leave.

Chelsea Clinton's Changing Looks

Chelsea Clinton's Changing Looks | InStyle

Isn't it strange how the Republicans claim to want less government - except when it comes to telling women what they can and can't do with their own bodies and minds? Can we use the ballot boxes to overthrow the thieves running our country? It's going to take a new charismatic leader to do it - someone who can educate the masses and acquire enough followers to get new leadership throughout. Someone like a Ralph Nader - but with a personality. One can only marvel at the stupidity of…. The Woman's Martyr!!

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At age 12, Chelsea was thrust into the national spotlight when her father won the presidential election. How did the braces-wearing First Daughter celebrate her inaugural night in the White House? With a slumber party, of course!